Strata title in malaysia

Clearly, there is a huge need for a paradigm shift in responsibilities with regard to community living. It is interesting to note that limitation is not applicable to the SM Tribunal and the maximum that can be claimed is RM, per claim.

Strata title in malaysia

As ultimate proof of their property ownership. When you say you own a car, you have the registration card to prove it and there is no need for you to get the consent of the carmaker when you need to refinance or to sell the car.

As Strata title in malaysia dealing instrument for instances of charging to banks for loans.

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One need not obtain the consent of a third party the developer who imposed administrative charges of between one per cent to two per cent as their consent fees if and when you should decide to sell your property.

To form a management corporation MC by owners of the subdivided building to maintain and manage the building and to have their own by laws, usage or restrictions.

Strata title in malaysia

Until then, owners usually do not have a say in the way the building is managed or maintained, the monies collected from maintenance charges, building funds etc.

As final proof of the built-up area of your unit and ultimately your apportionment of the share in the total aggregate units. As long as the strata titles have not been transferred, the land and the common property are still owned by the developer. Should the developer company goes under liquidation or becomes insolvent before strata titles have been obtained, the unit owners will have to go through a lot of trouble or might eventually have to pay for the application of the strata titles themselves.

The Strata Titles Act, which was recently amended and gazetted on the 1st December, is the existing legislation governing stratified properties. The Strata Titles Act has been in existence for nearly 18 years. Strata properties especially residential have become common, so the basis of the strata Strata title in malaysia arrangement have been well-tested.

It has become clear that specific problems need to be addressed in many areas. HBA is of the opinion that we will not be well served by the recent amendments to the Act. We note that the recent amendments was to streamline the existing Act as well as to serve as a deterrent to developers who have deliberately flouted the law by taking advantage of unsuspecting house buyers.

Only time will tell on the effectiveness of the amendments. Whose responsibility is it to apply for strata titles and who is watching to see if they do? Strata schemes are meant for owners to take charge of the maintenance and management of the common properties, and if so, due care should be given to expedite the transfer of titles to the owners for them to start learning the process.

Relevant authorities should help to give detailed guidelines on the process from: Pursuant to Section 8 of the Strata Titles Actthe developers are required by law to apply for the titles within six months from the date of the issue of Certificate of Fitness by the local council or such other compulsory circumstances as facilitated in the same section of this Act.

Under Clause 10 of the sale and purchase agreement Schedule Hthe developers are statutorily bound to apply for strata titles expediently at their own cost and expenses.

How often has this been dealt with efficiently by the developers? We read of warnings from all sources of charging developers in court for not applying for the strata titles, but in reality and honestly speaking, how many developers have been charged for breaching this provision of the Act?

One can think of the various reasons on why developers do not see the urgency in applying for strata titles: The Ministry of Lands and Cooperatives Development is the ministry that administers this Act that was passed by Parliament.

Strata title in malaysia

A check with the Ministry reveals that unless an owner made complaints on the strata titles issues, no action will be taken. We are taken aback that there is no system to monitor the compliance of strata titles application.

The onus, it seems, is on the strata property owners to do the checking. On the same issue, no one knows exactly how many strata properties owners are still waiting for their titles. Unless this issue is being addressed promptly, house buyers will continue to wait for the developers to take their time in transferring the titles to them.

Perhaps, the Strata Titles Board would be able to seek a solution to this compounding problem. HBA proposes the following suggestions to expedite the application of strata titles: Once CFO has been issued for a particular building, copies should be made available to the Ministry of Land to ensure that Section 8 of the Strata Titles Act is strictly adhered to; To withhold part of the balance purchase price, of say, 2.

These suggestions would give more protection to the purchasers and a sense of urgency to spur the developers to expediently transfer the titles to the unit owners will then be created. Some of the complaints from house buyers that HBA have received on the management of their property by their developers who are in control includes: There is no standard to monitor the developer- controlled management of strata title properties except those set by the developers themselves.

As such, we can only assume it is so profitable, that developers see this as a cash cow. House buyers refusing to take strata title?

Strata title is a form of ownership devised for multi-level apartment blocks and horizontal subdivisions with shared areas. The 'strata' part of the term refers to apartments being on different levels, or "strata". STRATA TITLES ACT (ACT ) PART I PRELIMINARY. 1 This Act shall apply only to West Malaysia. 3. Commencement (1) This Act shall come into for which a provisional strata title is to be registered; and (c) in relation to a book of strata register, such a block shown therein, for which a provisional strata title has been registered;. As a title is a property’s birth certificate, owners without the strata title would be stuck in a difficult situation if they want to sell as buyers cannot obtain loan financing.

Refusal to take the strata title is a retrogressive step and is in advisable. There may be several factors that attributed to the house owners refusing to accept the strata title. The Ministry of Land should continue to conduct regular workshop to educate house owners on the importance of having strata title to their property and the essence of running their own apartment.A title is a legal document which certifies the ownership of a property.

It provides name of registered property owner, boundaries of the property as well as its dimensions and area. An individual title is issued to a landed property such as a house (terrace, semi-detached, bungalow, villa) which has its own land.

When planning to purchase a house, there are many details you need to take into account.


One of these details is the title attached to your desired property. You might’ve seen the public service announcement (in Bahasa Malausia) released by JKPTG about Strata Titles and been left with even more questions about types of ownership in Malaysia. So here we are to show you everything you need to know about .

Strata title is a proof of ownership for the purpose of dealings. For example transfer, charge, lease and small estate distribution. 4 Laws of Malaysia ACT A Amendment of long title 2. The Strata Titles Act [Act ], which in this Act isreferred to as the “principal Act”, is amended in the long title by inserting after the word “building” the words “or land”.

As a title is a property’s birth certificate, owners without the strata title would be stuck in a difficult situation if they want to sell as buyers cannot obtain loan financing.

Nov 13,  · Property with Strata Title will NOT effect the property value. It has an advantage when you more than a unit as you will save on stamp duty n etc. When you are considering subsale property of Strata Title, please ensure the strata title is issued to the seller's name.

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